“It Seems You Loved Me Better (More Deader Than Alive)”
By: Rick Landers © 2017

We met some time ago
On a dark and dreary night
I was in a cruel cruel world
You darkened up my light

I like the funny way
You make me feel so bad
Now you’re driving my Cadillac
It was a present from my Dad

You claimed you insured me
For a billion dollars cash
Said you would love me
Until I breathed my last

Then you put some arsenic in my beer
Much to my surprise
It seems you loved me better
More deader than alive

Well, I fell into a state of flux
My mind was twirling round
You said I looked cute in my tux
And you loved the way my money
Did compound

Well, I guess I should have known
From your sympathetic lies
It seems you loved me better
More deader than alive


You loved that Cadillac black
I painted it Baroque (broke) Gold
No cattle just one big hat
Your eyes fixed down the road

You sported Jackie shades
And a Jackie pink pretty dress
I’ll come along for the ride
We’re in for one mell of a hess

Well, an Eagle flies up in the sky
And he comes down heads or tails
You always were the lucky one
a trick that never fails
And your prestidigitation
And your greenback pretty eyes
It seems you loved me better
More deader than alive

Now I’m pushing up dead roses
I’m pushing up green grass
The dirt is raining down on me
I hear my widow laugh
With stacks of pennies
On my eyes
She reaches down to save
Then turns around and leaves me
As I’m lowered in my grave

(Spoken: Now, we can't let her get away with that, now can we?)

Now I’m sitting up in heaven
No money, greed or gold
She lives a life of misery
Her heart solid stone cold
And her bank account is frozen now
Thanks to me
Because she loved me better
A debtor that was me