This song was written to honor all patriots who died during 9-11, by envisioning the normal life of a family awakening that tragic day with their future unknown. Fate plays a big role, maybe as much as our bonds of the end, the intent of the song is to honor all who passed away, as well as their loved ones, and to remind us that life is precious and there are no guarantees. On that day, one of my co-workers watched as the plane flew into the Pentagon, wheels up, our office was that close. I was in an ethics conference in Norfolk,, VA, where Attorney General Gonzales was speaking and he was pulled away to get back to the White House.


“Early in the Morning” (Flight 93)

Early in the morning
you button up your dress
Don’t need more, don’t want less
Babe, your hair's a mess

Drink our morning coffee
Kids are wide awake
For Heaven's sake
Could you be this late?

Here I stand
With all of our plans
No need to hesitate
We're surely locked in our Fate

Here I stand
I'm your man
For Heaven's sake
All this love in one place

Funny how our plans
Become promenades
Our dreams realized
we live them from day, to day…

(Instrumental break)

You sing silly love songs
out of tune
I pack up my bags
I'll fly away too soon

Our farewell, a lover's kiss
This moment, a lifetime of bliss
I should be home before I am missed
Up, up away
Up, up away

Here I stand
Your heart in my hands
I hope you’ll search and find
Some peace of mind

We’re taking a stand
We’ll follow our plan
I hope you'll understand
I'll always be your man
You’ll always be my man (2nd vocalist)
Let's roll...