Simple island tune, started out me thinking I'd write a song for a Jamaican tourist commercial, then it grew a bit more into a song that's fun to jam to and let it hang around until the band or audience is ready for another's got a fun this three chord song.


"Jamaican Jam"
Music and Lyrics by Rick Landers (c) 2022
3/B Flat
If you're planning on going to Jamaica
I hope your holiday is something rare
Planning holiday down in Jamaica
I'll see you there

And you may think that you are lazy
but that will last, but one day
In Jamaica

Pina Colada in Jamaica
Umbrella drink down by the quay
Pina Colada in Jamaica
One for you, one for me

And you may think that you are lonely
but that will last just one day
In Jamaica

Tranquility down in Jamaica
sun, moon and stars
Just you and me
Serenity sea down in Jamaica
we'll set our minds free

And we may think that we are crazy
Crazy about you Crazy about me
In Jamaica
In Jamaica
In Jamaica