"Hollywood and Vine" was excavated from one of my early songs named, "You Claim the Sky" written during more sophomoric romantic times. I liked the chord progressions and one day while fiddling around with them the first line of verse one came out of nowhere and soon I had a story. The station of the long lost love is not locked down and she could be a lady of the night or an actress...I still don't know, but ultimately it's about the feeling of and erosions of love over the course of two lifetimes.


“Hollywood & Vine”
By Rick Landers © 2020

(G) Saw you walking down (C) Hollywood
(G) Hollywood and (C) Vine
(G) Fishnets and (C) cigarettes
(G) A mirror with fine white (C) lines

(G) I saw you in the (C) darkness
In the (G) fog and in the (C) rain
Some things will never (A) change

(G) Years ago, you (C) opened up
Your (C) crazy dreams to (C) me
You were (G) headed for the (C) big time
Silver (G) screen and magazines (C)

Now we’re (G) living in the (C) future
I (G) held you in my (C) past
Some things don’t (A) last

(Bm) It don’t (C) matter much
(Bm) Stolen kisses when you (C) loved too much
(Bm) Sometimes you have so (C) much to say
It can’t wait another (G) day (C) (G)

(F) I saw you (G) all made up
(C) Looking like a movie (F) queen
(F) Two strangers (G) in the night
You in (C) crinoline and torn blue (F) jeans (A)

(Instrumental Break)

(G) I know you’re dis(C)satisfied
With your (G) position and your (C) fate
(G) All your dreams un (C) realized
No (G) remains for goodness (C) sake

I (G) saw you in the (C) darkness
In the (G) fog , feeling (C) pain
Here comes the (A) rain

(Bm) It don’t (C) matter much
(Bm) Stolen kisses when you (C) love too much
(Bm) Some day you'll just (C) steal away
When there’s nothing left to (G) say
(C) Nothing left to (G) say
You walk away (A - slowly picked-fade)