Rick Landers is a singer-songwriter from Virginia with music that embraces many styles, from American and British folk traditions, historical and love ballads, country tunes and more.  He began performing in 2018 and has since played venues in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C., that have included house concerts, festivals and special events. 

Rick is the publisher of Guitar International magazine, where he has interviewed such luminaries as: Les Paul, Jimmy Webb, Slash, Judy Collins, Buddy Guy, Tommy Emmanuel, Cindy Cashdollar, all the members of The Immediate Family (Sklar, Kunkel, Wachtel, Kortchmar & Postell) and many, many more. 

Rick served as a judge in the world-wide Songwriters' Association of Washington (SAW) ;2021 songwriters' contest where he judged Country and Contemporary Folk categories.

Since he returned to performing after decades, he's been interviewed by media outlets in Virginia (2x), Maryland and Arizona.  He is available for house concerts, live and virtual venues, festivals and special events. 

Rick's many influences include musicians we all know, but also lesser known artists, such as Tim Buckley, Nick Drake, Judee Sill, John Martyn, Roy Harper, Jimmie Spheeris and more.

Some of the song titles here don't line up with the song music....so, several are placeholders and we'll be replacing the wrong music with the right music....so, this site is under development!

Thanks for your patience. 

Oh, and if you click on "Info" or  "Lyrics" in the Tracks area, you can view the lyrics while listening to the songs....several songs are in the works.  Rick is adding guitar tabs to his music and his song track title will note where TABS are completed. 

This year, Rick plans on getting back into the studio in order to pull together his debut album of original material. Most songs at this site are rough or scratch tracks, with two studio recordings. One with Rick on lead vocal and another with Mike Lusk (Tammy Wynette's Band). 

Four new scratch tracks were recently added:  "Red," "Leviathan," London After Michigan,"and "Angel on the Wing."  And, a new song added called "Maria" will soon include the correct song file, it's at the bottom of the track list: #40.

Thanks for listening!



                        Rick Landers 


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Rick's performance gear is usually limited to a 1946 Gibson J-45 or a 2001 Larrivee OM-9K (Koa), an SA330x Fishman sound system with a Shure SM58 microphone, a Mackie SRM350 sound system, a Fishman Platinum effects pedal and a Boss VE-8 Harmonizer. His other guitars include: 1931 Gibson L-00 (Tuxedo - 12 fretter); 1964 Gibson J-200; 2010 Custom John-David-ScottD OM;  1973 LoPrinzi 12-String; Takamine 12-String; 1991 Custom Telecaster with early Barden pickups; 1981 Yamaha CJ-838, 2014 Appala Grand Symphony, a 1994 McFadden dulcimer and he just purchased a high D penny whistle handmade by Seth Hamon. 

2021 Performance Schedule

Blue Wing Frog Concert Series

 —  —

Blue Wing Frog Restaurant , Blue Wing Frog 219 Chester Street, Front Royal, Virginia 22630, Front Royal

Great cuisine (ranked #3 in Front Royal by Yelp!) and a couple of hours of original songs by Rick Landers, publisher of Guitar International magazine and featured performer at Virginia festivals and special events. Blue Wing Frog sessions focus on original music by singer-songwriters. Rick's music includes a bit of country, love songs, historically based ballads, contemporary folk or Americana, and a few road songs. It's a mix that includes, "Raised by Wolves'', "Red", "Angel on the Wing", "Cross Country Drive", "Big Cadillac," and more to make you laugh, tap your feet and swoon at some of his love songs. C'mon and enjoy an evening of fine original music and great food!



Vocals:  "If I'd Given My Heart to You' - Michael Lusk - Bass guitar and backup vocalist for Loretta Lynn. 

Vocals: "Open Up" (Studio) - Rick Landers (Lead Vocalist); Matt Griffith (Back Up Vocalist)

Producer: "If I'd Given My Heart to You" - Stacy Hogan (A Writer's Paradise Studio, Nashville, TN)

Producer: "Open Up" (Studio) - Stacy Hogan (A Writer's Paradise Studio, Nashville, TN); Marco Delmar (Recording Arts, Arlington, VA)

Photos by: Mike Davis (Top of PAGE and others); Peggy Landers, Terry Landers and Ron Goad - Thank you! 

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