Singer-songwriter, Rick Landers, writes songs of the American heartland and the spirit of our national heritage.  His songs speak to us about the poor and disenfranchised, immigrants and refugees, love, romance and loss, errant rascals and desperadoes.

Whether he writes tenderly about a young poor woman from Appalachia ("Appalachian Hollow"), the plight and rise of Nelson Mandela ("No Holiday for Madiba"), a road trip to visit the more shadowed enclaves of America ("Bang, Bang, Bang"), or a run from the law driving from L.A. to the Mexican Border and back ("Car Man"), Landers delivers and takes us to places we rarely, if ever, experience.

"Drive along the roads of America, whether you're rolling along in the Rust Belt, the Deep South, the heart of Appalachia or the meanest streets of New York City, you'll find rows and rows of small shops that are reflections of the American Dream. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, we dream of a better life. I suppose we're mostly optimists at heart," says Landers.

There's a charm to his music,  sometimes a wink and a nod, and always a warm invitation for us to come along for the ride. He is available for house concerts, festivals and fairs and other venues in the Washington, D.C. area. And, Rick is working on his debut album with multi-award winning producer, Stacy Hogan (Nashville), and Marco Delmar (13 Washington Area Music Awards - "Best Producer"), owner of Recording Arts in Arlington, VA. 

He has performed at Columbia Station (D.C.), Reston, Virginia's 2019 Founders Day Festival, The 38th Annual Herndon Virginia Festival (2019), ArtSpace Herndon (Featured artist),  the Karim Maggio Fundraising Event (Featured Artist), Cafe Montmartre (Showcase Artist) and we expect to see him MC and perform at NOVA Parks 45th Anniversary W&OD Trail Fun Fair and performing multiple performances at the Reston Town Center in December. 

Rick has also co-authored, "Press Releases for the Working Musician" with Dr. Matt Warnock, and published several e-books, including, "The Language of the Blues", " The Story of Free and Bad Company", and his own on-line magazine, Guitar International.  He has interviewed such notable music legends as: Les Paul, Slash, Jimmy Webb, Scotty Moore, Judy Collins, Arlo Guthrie, Roger McGuinn,  Robert Cray, Anthony Gourdine (Little Anthony), Cindy Cashdollar, Eric Johnson, Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy, Carmine Appice, Corky Laing, Randy Bachman, Leslie West, Don Felder and more. 

                        Rick Landers 


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2019 Performance Schedule


W&OD Trail 45th Anniversary Family Fun Festival

4H Club Fair Grounds, 17558 Dry Mill Road, Leesburg, Virginia

Rick will serve as the MC for the day's performances and the Entertainment Director, as well as offer up some songs of his own throughout the day. Artists: Yasmin Williams; Siobhan O'Brien; Lindsey Hirshfeld; Marty & Stuart; Rick Landers!



Vocals:  "If I'd Given My Heart to You' - Michael Lusk - Bass guitar and backup vocalist for Loretta Lynn. 

Vocals: "Open Up" (Studio) - Matt Griffith

Producer: "If I'd Given My Heart to You" - Stacy Hogan (A Writer's Paradise Studio, Nashville, TN)

Producer: "Open Up" (Studio) - Stacy Hogan (A Writer's Paradise Studio, Nashville, TN)

Photos by: Mike Davis; Kerry Landers, Terry Landers and Ron Goad - Thank you! 

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