News from The Heartland!

We're working on new songs and many that have been waiting to go final. Then studio work and performing in 2024! 

                 "Beautiful song, and arrangement."                                         Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya


Guitar International Magazine - Publisher (2004 - 2023)

Rick publishes Guitar International with interviews of music legends including: Les Paul; Slash; Buddy Guy; Judy Collins, Jimmy Webb, Richie Havens, Steve Earle, Jesse Colin Young & more!


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    I Feel the Rain (3/F) words and music by Rick Landers (c) 2022 - BMI Work No: 054392777

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    It’s Not My Fault (TABS) (4/C#m) Music and Lyrics (c) Rick Landers © 2020 BMI Reg. No. 44952451

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My performance gear is usually limited to a vintage 1946 Gibson J-45 or 2021 Gruene OG-30 (SN #1), a 2023 Gruene 00038 Koa named "Terry" (SN #1,), a 2023 Gruene D-18 (SN #1), an SA330x Fishman sound system with a Shure SM58 microphone, a Roland Cube EX amp,  a Fishman Platinum effects pedal and a Boss VE-8 Harmonizer. My other guitars include: a vintage 1957 Gibson Southern Jumbo, a vintage 1950 Gibson CF-100, a 1973 LR-15 LoPrinzi (Brazilian), a  1973 LoPrinzi (Brazilian) 12-String; a 1993 Yamaha LA-28e Special Edition/Japan Custom Shop);  a 1991 Custom Telecaster with early Joe Barden pickups; a 1981 Yamaha CJ-838,, a custom made 2014 Appala Grand Symphony, a 1920s no name hand-made parlor guitar,  a 2019 Tokai Love Rock LS-196, a 1994 McSpadden dulcimer and I recently purchased a high D penny whistle handmade by American bagpipe maker, Seth Hamon. I also recently purchased an early 1950s Favilla baritone ukelele and another from the 1970s, and a Peavey 2-12 Chorus amp, Oh, and I picked up a 1939 Kalamazoo mandolin, a vintage concertina, three pairs of vintage maracas and a vintage 1946 Gibson Southern Jumbo acoustic guitar with a mid-1940s case!


2023 Band Schedule

Previous events

ArtsBarn Herndon

(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04)

ArtSpace Herndon, Herndon, VA

Rick Landers & Heartland (Ron Goad, Jim Nagle & John Wertz) perform original Landers' songs that include: Leviathan, Little Girl, She Thinks She's Better Than Me, Red, Maria, Appalachian Hollow and many more! Multi-award winning singer-songwriter, Rick Landers songs are a mix of Americana, Folk, Pop, Jazz, Historical, Love Ballads and more...!

Multi-award winning singer-songwriter, Rick Landers, and Jim Nagle (dobro) will perform at a private event at Reston's Walker Nature Center. The center is situated on 72-acres of woodlands, trails, streams and Lake Audubon and has many wonderful family-oriented activities available throughout the year. This particular event is after-hours and private.

The 2023 Washington Folk Festival

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Glen Echo, Maryland

Multi-award winning songwriter, music magazine publisher, author and performer, Rick Landers, will present a songwriter's workshop where he will talk about songwriting ideas, development, and performance. He will perform several of his original songs, including: "Red," "Fly Me to the Moon (Judee Sill)," "Appalachian Hollow," "She's Better Than Me," and talk about some of the lyrics. A Q&A will follow...Rick's song presentations will be accompanied by Jim Nagle on dobro guitar.

Mullti-award singer-songwriter, Rick Landers & Earp's Ordinary to roll out their originals songs at this fine venue that has wonderful owners, staffers and patrons...a great place to enjoy LIVE original music! Pic is of Rick performing for a group of descendants of two New Mexico mining disasters (1913 & 1923) in Raton, N<.

2023 Season Opener of the Donoharm Farm Season of Music

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

11104 Watkins Road , Germantown, Maryland 20876

Rick Landers & Heartland will kick off the No Harm Farm's 2023 music season with a performance of original songs, including: "Leviathan," "Red," "Maria," "Big Cadillac," "She's Better Than Me," "Working Overtime," "Blue World," "Appalachian Hollow," "Love Ain't Easy," and many more!

2023 Annual National Cherry Blossom Festival

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Tidal Basin - Washington, DC, Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C.

Rick Landers & Heartland will perform at the ANA Stage for the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival, a time and place known internationally for it's Japanese gifted cherry blossom trees, the Jefferson Memorial and the multi-day festival! The ANA stage location is between the Martin Luther King statue and the FDR Memorial.

Rick Landers & Heartland at Earp's Ordinary

 —  —

Earp's Ordinary, 3950 University Dr, Unit 210, Fairfax, VA 22030

Rick Landers &. Heartland will arrive for the fourth time to entertain the patrons of Earp's Ordinary with two sets of original songs and maybe a couple of covers. Award winning songwriter, Rick Landers will sing crowd favorites, including "Working Overtime," "Maria," "She's Better Than Me," "Misunderstood," and many more...Ron Goad (percussion) John Werntz (bass) and "Dobro Jim" Nagle on, uh, dobro, who are Heartland!



Top Photo: Dr. Jim Thorne

Vocals:  "If I'd Given My Heart to You'"

Vocals: "Open Up" (Studio) - Rick Landers (Lead Vocalist)

Producer: "If I'd Given My Heart to You" - Stacy Hogan (A Writer's Paradise Studio, Nashville, TN)/Producer: Marco Delmar (Recording Arts, Arlington, VA)

Producer: "Open Up" (Studio) - Stacy Hogan (A Writer's Paradise Studio, Nashville, TN); Marco Delmar (Recording Arts, Arlington, VA)

Photos by: Mike Davis (Top of PAGE and others); Peggy Landers, Terry Landers, Ron Goad, and Sherry Stewart, Andy Markley - All other photos are (c) Rick Landers 2021,

Legal Notice:

The contents on this site may not be distributed beyond the intended original recipient. Permission to distribute creative works must be approved in writing by the copyright owner (Rick L, Landers), who can be contacted via the contact area on this site.  All  works (music, lyrics, recordings) at this site are provided for display purposes only and are not for sale in any manner, without the express permission of the copyright owner (Rick L. Landers).  Rick L. Landers is a registrant of BMI and any use of the his music for paid or unpaid performances are required to be submitted to BMI.


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